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August 7, 2013

It’s rained all day today, so Ares and I had to amuse ourselves in the house, which is not nearly as much fun as playing outside




We got a kitten

June 29, 2013

A lot has happened since the last time we posted.

I grew a little

734460_10151236270262861_997523580_nI weight around 150lbs now, and am taller than my daddy (who is 6ft 4in) when I stand up tall.

Athena got adopted by a very nice hiker man. The house is much quieter now and she has someone to run with.

I learned to swim

5344_10151497952532861_2046274355_nReally mommy and aunt Beka went swimming, I went up to my knees and had enough.


So for the really big news!

We got a kitten!!!!


His name is Ares, he’s kind of a jerk sometimes. He really likes to play with my ears and mommy gets mad at him because it hurts me.


I’m learning how to share my toys with him! He loves my big rubber rings


Ares chewed a hole in the screen door so daddy shut the big door. I tried to let him in but my keys don’t work.





Police shoot 3 dogs, while dogs run away

October 19, 2012

This is going to be a post from our mom today, and be warned, she’s not going to use pretty language. This is how she started her day today, first cup of coffee, and found this gem of an article. We think moms everywhere turn into grizzly bears when provoked. 


So I read an article today that absolutely made my blood boil.
I don’t have children, human children anyway, I have dogs (and a cat) that I will protect and defend as I would my own flesh and blood. God help you if you act aggressively at any of my children, imagine what a mother would do if someone shot her child in cold blood, now imagine if the person holding the gun was a police officer.

Well that’s what has happened to James Woods, in Detroit. Police raided his house for a “pot bust” (no evidence of pot in the home) and during the “raid” they shot his 3, well behaved well trained dogs, the dogs were running away from the cops, shot from behind, for NO REASON AT ALL! And neighbors have all commented that these were good dogs, never aggressive,  well trained, well taken care of.

Talk about fucking corruption!

As far as i’m concerned  if this were me, i’d treat these “men” as if they had just shot my children for running away because they were scared! My pets are in no way shape or form violent, with the exclusion of Isis, I fully believe she would claw anyone’s eyes out that she felt threatened me. But that is our own pack dynamic, I belong to her, not the other way around. But my role in the ‘pack’ is alpha and I protect them, that’s how it works, that’s the promise I made THEM when I adopted them. If someone were to threaten them, I can say with absolute certainty that I will react appropriately and that means doing anything in my power to protect my family.

I hope these officers get what’s coming to them. I hope James Woods sues the pants off them individually and the precinct itself. From reading the comments on this article this seems to happen quite often. Why do we let this go on? Since when is America a place where WE THE PEOPLE let shit like this happen?! Not only this, but this and much worse!

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson


*link to article



Lazy Babies

October 17, 2012


Morning? what is this morning you speak of? We don’t wake up until noon!


-Athena & Zeus

Going for a walk

October 13, 2012

Lets go for a walk!



Mom and dad took us for a walk tonight, it was loads of fun! I like running in the leaves, they sound funny under my paws.



Starting training

October 4, 2012

Today marks the beginning of my training.

Technically I’ve been training since the moment my mommy and daddy brought me home. But this training comes with clicks and treats! I am almost 11 weeks old and fully potty training! Beat that humanoid babies 😛

Mommy says i’m also doing very well following our “house rules”. I’m not allowed on the couch without permission, I can not chase the cat (no matter how much I want to, she is not a toy and she will hurt me), I can not eat my mommy’s food no matter how good it tastes. Mommy says as I’m older I’ll have to follow more rules like Athena does. Like not being allowed in the kitchen, and not running outside to greet the UPS man.

My mommy uses the “clicker training” method with us.



I am a morning dog

October 1, 2012

A morning dog in a house full of not morning people and animals. I wake up every morning at either 5am or 6am. Sometimes i’m nice and let mommy sleep until 6.

No one wants to play with me in the morning. Isis even hit me this morning .. it wasn’t even my fault! Athena pushed me into her! I know better than to get near her!

Mommy did put the blanket back on the couch so I can cuddle with her while she has her coffee.

But now she wont let me up because she says i’m stinky and wet … guess I shouldn’t have rolled in the mud. It was fun though



AND big news! Mommy made us a youtube page!!!

Mommy took some video’s of me barking, and playing today! We’ve had to play inside a lot since it’s raining.