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Meet the Trio

August 25, 2012

Hi, I’m Isis but the pups call me Alpha this is my house

That’s me, when we first moved here before my humans decided to bring home these horrible new creatures they call dogs. They’ve started to grow on me though, Athena the middle child listens to me and I can boss her around, so it’s really not all that bad.

Hi, i’m Athena, my mommy rescued me 4 months ago. I live with her and daddy and Isis now, and she says in a few weeks I’ll have a baby brother!!! I’m so excited to have someone to play with! Isis isn’t much fun, but she’s a good mouse hunter, and she shows me how to find moles in the gardens. I’m so so so excited to play with Zeus!!! I can’t wait until he comes home to live with us!!!

Hi, i’m Zeus, and this is my mommy holding me! I just turned 5 weeks old and am now 10lbs!! My mommy says I’m going to grow up to be big and strong just like my daddy, she says he was super big for a great dane! I hope I can be just as big and strong! I am so excited to go home in a few weeks and see my new sisters!

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