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We went to the vet

September 11, 2012

We should clarify that “we” today is Zeus and me …. mom didn’t make Isis go. Isis never has to do anything not fun, she gets to do whatever she wants! It’s not fair!!

*Isis lording over us all*

Zeus had to have more shots, and I had to have a physical. I weigh 36lbs now! When mom got me I was only 22lbs. But she doesnt’ think i’ll be getting much bigger. Zeus is also getting much better at playing, he tries to bite my ears a lot. I think he thinks he’s the alpha … too bad that spot belongs to Isis.

Zeus still isn’t sleeping good at night, he whines a lot, and barks. He sleeps best when my mommy holds him but it’s making my mommy very sleepy. He also likes to climb on me and on my bed in the middle of the night after mommy let’s him out to pee. I don’t like it very much. I can sleep through the night like a big dog, mommy says I’m such a good girl!

Mom made us wake up from our naps and told us to go outside and play so maybe Zeus would sleep better at night … not sure it’s going to work.

Zeus has to go back to the vet in 3 weeks to get more puppy shots. I’m so glad I’m all done with that!

Other than the vet visit today has been a very low key day, lots of naps. I’ve been teaching Zeus how to play with my tug rope, he likes it a lot but he always ends up climbing on me. Mommy says it’s payback for all the times I climbed all over Bucky and Lady at grandmas house.

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