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We got a kitten

June 29, 2013

A lot has happened since the last time we posted.

I grew a little

734460_10151236270262861_997523580_nI weight around 150lbs now, and am taller than my daddy (who is 6ft 4in) when I stand up tall.

Athena got adopted by a very nice hiker man. The house is much quieter now and she has someone to run with.

I learned to swim

5344_10151497952532861_2046274355_nReally mommy and aunt Beka went swimming, I went up to my knees and had enough.


So for the really big news!

We got a kitten!!!!


His name is Ares, he’s kind of a jerk sometimes. He really likes to play with my ears and mommy gets mad at him because it hurts me.


I’m learning how to share my toys with him! He loves my big rubber rings


Ares chewed a hole in the screen door so daddy shut the big door. I tried to let him in but my keys don’t work.





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