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I am a Black Siamese kitty. My parents call me “basement cat” sometimes, something to do with lulz and cheezburgers. My parents adopted me back in 2010 when they first moved to Tennessee. We moved around a bit, and I didn’t like living in apartments so much, I like going outside and killing things. Mostly mice, and moles. Now we live on a farm and I have all the mice I could ever want. After we lived on the farm for a few months my mom came home with another kitty, which I soon discovered wasn’t a kitty at all, but what the humans call a puppy. I was skeptical at first, but he’s alright I guess. He’s too big for the bed at night so I get the bed all to myself which is nice. And so far he’s pretty fun to boss around, though he does mess up my hunting a lot. He’s not very stealthy.



I am a Great Dane. Super goofy and uncoordinated. But very cuddly. I love my mommy and am a spoiled brat according to daddy. He’s just mad because mommy trained me to only listen to her. I will be turning 1 year old this summer (2013) on my daddy’s birthday! Everyone is very excited. My vet thinks I’m still going to get bigger which scares daddy because I’m already taller than him.




A friend of mommy’s found me and wasn’t able to keep me so mommy took me home to the farm. I like to bite and scratch and eat anything I can get my paws on, including Zeus’ ears. He likes to carry me around the house on his back. Mommy thinks I’ll grow out of the biting thing, but she named me Ares anyway.

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